The world’s first and only inflatable, portable, modular sound-blocking partition.

With today's open workspaces, acoustic control presents a unique challenge. Traditional sound attenuation and noise-blocking solutions use mass to contain sound. Heavy and bulky, these elements are expensive, lacking in style, and often require permanent installation. AirHush replaces heavy sound attenuating materials with a unique barrier of pressurized air and modern sound attenuation materials. This creates a quiet, airy, elegant environment.

50 Years of Acoustic Innovation

pinta acoustic, inc. has been at the forefront of acoustic control for more than 50 years. We are a market leader in innovative acoustic solutions for commercial applications. Well known for our flagship SONEX sound-absorptive product offerings, pinta acoustic offers complex product combinations for today’s acoustic challenges, complementing the interior design and sustainability for any environment.

Revolutionary New ISAT™ Technology

AirHush features revolutionary Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology (ISAT). It is the first sound barrier design utilizing captive air construction, which is created with an inflatable core surrounded by a modern, clear sound barrier.

Infinitely Reconfigurable

AirHush panels are engineered to facilitate practical, cost-effective sound control that won’t compromise the aesthetics of new or existing environments. The system is easily installed by an individual with little more than a cordless drill and a simple air pump. Our panels are designed for easy assembly and repurposing, and they can be deployed in permanent, semi-permanent or temporary installations.

How AIRHUSH Technology Works

The panel is constructed of an inflatable core sandwiched between two 4 mm layers of clear, scratch-resistant, mass-loaded vinyl that provide puncture protection and durability. Two 15 mm anodized aluminum frames complete the basic module and provide weight-bearing support.

Multiple modules easily fit together like an “erector set.” This unique design makes AirHush the only air-modular sound barrier system currently on the market.

With the inherent design flexibility of the AirHush module, architects, interior designers, and facilities planners can create unique solutions to sound-blocking challenges. From a simple stand-alone partition to a fully enclosed room, AirHush panels are quickly and easily inflated and assembled in a matter of minutes. AirHush barriers can be utilized as much for their aesthetic appeal as their sound-blocking performance.

Download AirHush Specifications