AIRHUSH Modular Acoustic Partition System

  • Portable inflatable sound-blocking panel system
  • Keeps sound from traveling into adjacent spaces
  • Allows for private conversation or blocks disruptive noise from equipment and other sources
  • Unique contemporary appearance
  • Easily assemble to create a freestanding partition or an enclosure
  • Sound transmission loss (STC) from 34 to 40
  • PROSPEC® Barrier transparent mass-loaded vinyl
  • Inflatable, transparent core
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Optional AirHush sound absorption panels can be attached to either face
  • Panel dimensions: 24” x 27” (610 x 686 mm)
  • Thickness (fully inflated): 4-1/4” (108 mm)
  • Thickness (fully deflated): ~1.15" (29 mm)


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