pinta acoustic introduces SONEX® GEOMETRIC Clouds

pinta acoustic’s new SONEX® GEOMETRIC Clouds have a contemporary style in three shapes: square, circular and hexagonal. Made from WILLTEC expanded melamine foam, which passes Class A per ASTM E 84, the clouds are available in natural white or light grey, and water-based acoustic coating in standard, premium and custom colors.

“SONEX GEOMTRIC Clouds add flair to practically any interior application, including museums, educational facilities, modern offices, indoor swimming pools and others,” says Jean Sebastien Marineau, marketing and sales consultant for pinta acoustic. “Our newest customizable product, these clouds reduce reverberation and echo in large open interior spaces.”

SONEX GEOMETRIC Clouds absorb sound across all frequencies. Square and hexagonal SONEX GEOMETRIC Clouds are available in sizes up to 48 x 48 inches (1,219 x 1,219 mm) and are 3 inches (76 mm) thick. Circular clouds have a diameter of up to 48 inches (1,219 mm) and are 3 inches (76 mm) thick. SONEX GEOMETRIC Clouds are easy to install using corkscrew hangers.