pinta acoustic’s custom WILLTEC® panels enhance the atmosphere in Brasserie Bernard, an elegant Parisian-style restaurant in Montreal

WILLTEC, brasserie_bernard

Brasserie Bernard is a classic French brasserie in the heart of Outremont, a high-end neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Owners of several popular restaurants, brothers Maurice, Paul and Richard Holder knew from experience that acoustics are an important part of developing an ideal atmosphere. To create a space that allows for comfortable communication, the Holder brothers selected lightweight, WILLTEC® direct-apply panels from pinta acoustic, inc. In addition to providing acoustic benefits, the custom golden-yellow panels harmonize with the multidimensional painted ceiling and walls, and contrast with the black wood and leather banquettes.

“Several years ago, we received some complaints about the acoustics in our art deco-style McGill Street restaurant, Holder,” says Maurice Holder, co-owner of the Holder brother restaurants. “Jean Sebastien Marineau from pinta acoustic, inc. suggested custom WILLTEC acoustic panels. Once installed, we noticed a signficant difference. It became more comfortable for our patrons and employees to converse. When Paul and I were planning Brasserie Bernard, we decided to include WILLTEC right from the start.”

Brasserie Bernard has hardwood floors, oversized mirrors and dark wood pillars topped with contrasting golden-yellow tiles. Without an acoustical treatment, hard surfaces in a space will reflect sound energy. Excessive sound builds up and produces higher levels of background noise. This often results in people speaking louder, which makes it even more difficult to have an enjoyable conversation.

“Our painter created a unique texture and color by layering paints on the ceiling and walls,” explains Holder. “We provided a sample of the color to pinta acoustic. They formulated a custom coating that coordinated with the ceiling.”

Approximately 600 square feet (55.74 square meters) of the 2,200 square foot (204.39 square meters) dining area received acoustic treatment with 23.62- by 23.62-inch (600 by 600 mm), 2 inch (51 mm)-thick WILLTEC custom panels finished with a specially formulated water-based, golden-yellow acoustic coating. The panels were quickly adhered to the ceiling with pinta’s acouSTIC™ adhesive.

Smooth-surface, direct-apply WILLTEC wall and ceiling panels provide superior sound absorption and limitless design possibilities at an economical cost.  ASTM E84 Class A, CAN/ULC-S102 fire-rated, natural grey or white WILLTEC panels can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses with square or bevel edges and color coated in a variety of standard, premium and custom water-based finishes. WILLTEC panels adhere to most substrates using pinta’s PA-02 water- or PA-03 silicone-based acouSTIC adhesives. If necessary, panels can easily be cut to fit on-site. Edge sealant is also available.

For information on WILLTEC and other pinta acoustic products, visit, email, or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1 612.355.4200.


Brasserie Bernard
Brasserie Bernard is Parisian-French restaurant serving lunch and dinner in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Situated in the heart of Outremont, a high-end neighborhood, Brasserie Bernard has a bar and a dining area as well as a terrace. The menu includes appetizers such as grilled octopus salad, fried calamari with grana Padano and classic beef tartar. Main-course dishes include roasted scallops, braised veal ravioli with porto, confit duck leg among others. Children’s and dessert menus are also available. In addition to Holder and Brasserie Bernard, the Holder brothers own Café du Nouveau Monde, Le 409, Le Darling, Le Majestique, Le Waverly and Le Confetti in Montreal.

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pinta acoustic SONEX Linear provides color saturation that meets interior design vision at Atmosphere’s showroom and WORKLAB

pinta acoustic AtmosphereSONEX® Linear Custom Baffles from pinta acoustic add striking color in the downtown Minneapolis showroom and WORKLAB at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors. Design is a focus in the newly renovated Atmosphere office, which serves as a world-class showroom and flexible workspace for employees. Custom HPC-coated SONEX Linear Baffles reflect the carpet runner and complement the draperies with the added benefit of acoustic control.

In 2017, Atmosphere began a full renovation of two floors in the historic Young Quinlan building. The renovation included a 30,000-square foot (2787-square meter) WORKLAB and office furniture showroom that highlights the newest products, finishing and work environment. Incorporating residential and commercial features, the WORKLAB offers a balance between collaborative and individual spaces.

To mirror the color of the carpet runner on the ceiling, the design team initially considered fabric-wrapped baffles. More affordable, SONEX Linear was a superior choice because it could be custom coated to match Atmosphere’s corporate aquamarine color.

“It’s vital for us to maintain an updated look. The architect’s design exposed the original terrazzo floor and opened up the front entrance with glass,” says Susan Jakusz, operations manager at Atmosphere. “The design is ideal for the WORKLAB, which is also a beta workspace partnership between Steelcase and Microsoft. It combines technology and a unique creative work environment where many employees do not have designated desks and choose where they work.”

The office is equipped with sensors to provide valuable insight into how the space is being used. Large monitors display available work areas.

In addition to offering a streamlined appearance, SONEX Linear Baffles absorb unwanted sound reflecting off glass, gypsum, terrazzo floors and other hard surfaces. SONEX Linear provides a streamlined appearance and highly customizable options including sizes, profiles and colors. Made from pinta acoustic’s Class 1 fire-rated willtec® foam, the baffles are available in lengths up to 96 inches (2438 mm) with depths from 6 to 24 inches (152 to 610 mm). SONEX Linear Baffles are easy to install using channel trim and acouSTIC adhesive.

For information or to order, visit, email, or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1 612.355.4200.


Atmosphere Commercial Interiors
Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is committed to fostering long-term business relationships. The company serves organizations around the globe of every size, from start-up to Fortune 500, in corporate, health care, education and hospitality industries. A Steelcase dealer, Atmosphere’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services brings clients’ spaces to life. Headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois and Arizona, the company is embedded in the communities and passionate about providing world-class workspaces. Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is a part of Omni Workspace Company.

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pinta acoustic ceiling clouds enhance the industrial-chic aesthetics and acoustics in PlayCore and Dero office

Dero_Breakroom_800pxThe new PlayCore and Dero office, in the Northern Stacks business park in Minneapolis, has an open-plan, industrial-chic design with indoor bicycle parking and a climbing wall in the reception area. To absorb sound within the space, architect Brian Hunke, AIA from Mohagen Hansen, recommended pinta acoustic’s BALANCE and WHISPERWAVE Ceiling Clouds.

PlayCore and Dero were in the heart of downtown for nearly 20 years. Many of the employees commute to work by bicycle, making the location of the new office essential. PlayCore provides innovative playground and recreational equipment to match the unique needs of each community it serves. Dero, a PlayCore company, designs and manufactures bike parking products.

“Easy access to major highways for shipping, rail transit and metro-connected bicycle trails for employee commuting were key considerations. Sustainability is also central to our businesses,” says Andy Lageson, vice president and general manager of Dero. “Located near the Mississippi river trails, Northern Stacks was ideal for our new headquarters.”

“To achieve an industrial-chic look, the PlayCore and Dero office space was designed with concrete floors, other hard surfaces and open areas,” says Brian Hunke, AIA. “To minimize unwanted sound reflecting off the hard surfaces and traveling throughout the open spaces it needed acoustic absorbers. Having worked with pinta acoustic’s products before, I knew they would have an affordable, attractive solution.”

Dero_Breakroom2_800pxHunke had visited the pinta acoustic booth at a local architectural trade show. He specified two of the products that he saw at the exhibition, BALANCE and WHISPERWAVE Ceiling Clouds.

The combined company office space has concrete floors, gypsum walls and exposed ceilings. The lobby features two stories of glass in the corner as well as a visitor bike parking area. To absorb sound reverberating off the hard surfaces in the lobby, two 42- by 96-inch (1067 by 2438 mm) WHISPERWAVE Ceiling Clouds are suspended over the reception desk. The 900-square foot (83.61-square meter) breakroom is separated with a half-wall that is adjacent to the climbing wall, conference room and lobby. An overhead glass door can be lowered to provide additional separation between the conference room and breakroom. Hung over the breakroom, 18 BALANCE Ceiling Clouds with dimensions of 46 by 46 inches (1168 by 1168 mm) help absorb sound within the space.

WHISPERWAVE Ceiling Clouds, Panels and Baffles provide design flexibility and exceptional acoustical control across all frequencies. Class 1 fire-rated and lightweight, WHISPERWAVE products are offered in standard and custom wave designs. These products are easy to install and are available in standard and custom dimensions in natural white and grey. WHISPERWAVE acoustical products can also be HPC-coated in standard, premium or custom colors.

BALANCE Ceiling Clouds provide acoustical control while maintaining the appearance of an open ceiling. Completely preassembled, BALANCE products are easy to suspend from any ceiling or roof deck and are ideal for open-office environments and loft spaces. BALANCE Ceiling Clouds are composed of a 15/16 inch (24 mm) thick WHITELINE® Panel with a lightweight aluminum frame. WHITELINE Panels feature fleece laminated to Class 1 fire-resistant willtec® foam. Panels are available in white, black or custom colors. Offered in natural aluminum and white, BALANCE frames are available with nonexposed or exposed 3/8 inch (10 mm)-wide flange around the perimeter.

PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play and recreation through research, education and partnerships. The company infuses this learning into its complete family of brands. PlayCore combines best-in-class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create play and recreation solutions that match the unique needs of each community they serve.

Dero’s employees’ real-world insight from their bike-centric lives helps them design innovative, high-quality and functional bicycling infrastructure that people rely on every day. Dero takes pride in American-made craftsmanship, sustainable practices, excellent customer service, as well as expertise in bike parking, public bike repair and street design amenities.

Dero offers customers, wherever they are in the sales process, excellent customer service to help find the best products for their project. Our sales and customer service teams are professional and experts in the field of bike parking. Whether it’s a homeowner who wants a bike rack in the front yard or an architect who needs hundreds of bikes parked in a bike room, Dero is happy to offer instructions, free CAD layouts, and even design of custom products to meet their needs.

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GulfQuest National Maritime Museum is equipped with acoustical products from pinta acoustic to provide pleasant interactive experiences


MINNEAPOLIS—GulfQuest National Maritime Museum, located on the Mobile River in Alabama, is the world’s only maritime museum dedicated to the heritage of the Gulf of Mexico. Featuring hands-on interactive experiences, GulfQuest opened in September 2015 and is estimated to draw more than 300,000 guests per year, including groups of boisterous schoolchildren. To maximize the visitor experience, the building team at this major educational attraction selected SONEX® Valueline and willtec® direct-apply panels from pinta acoustic.

pinta-GulfQuest-upper-logoDesigned by Watermark Design Group to look like a ship headed into Mobile Bay towards the Gulf of Mexico, the 90,000-square foot (8361-square meter) museum includes 90 exhibits, a store, café and event spaces. Representing international trade in the Gulf of Mexico, the centerpiece of the rotunda, known as the grand lobby, is America’s Sea. This exhibit is a large interactive map with touchscreens allowing visitors to explore points of interest around the Gulf of Mexico.

Open-floor levels above the America’s Sea exhibit feature flags from 96 countries and two large radiating blue bands of curved metal plates, which lead up to a centered skylight revealing a globe sculpture atop the roof. Originally, the curved metal plates were specified to be perforated for sound to pass through. However, these were changed and solid-steel curved plates were installed. As constructed, the rotunda’s dome interior space highly intensified reverberated sound around all of the curved, radiating metal plates and about other hard, reflective surface finishes—such as painted gypsum, steel, concrete, exterior glass and terrazzo floor—presenting an acoustical problem.

“The space was already experiencing acoustic issues while the interior finishes were nearing completion prior to the museum’s scheduled opening,” says Paul Frenkel, vice president from Ben M. Radcliff Contractor. “Asked to make a recommendation, we contacted Acoustical Solutions, looking for a product that would absorb sound and conform to the various irregularly curved, painted metal panels around the rotunda.”

“We considered acoustical spray foam. Acoustical spray foam is messy to install and it tends to flake off. This would have created a potential risk for the America’s Sea exhibit, which is located directly below the panels,” explains Tony Zodrow, executive director of GulfQuest. “Other acoustical panels that were reviewed would not have conformed properly to the curves of the metal plates.”

“Acoustical Solutions recommended pinta acoustic products,” explains Frenkel. “pinta’s architectural products/projects manager Anthony Antonelli visited GulfQuest to experience the physical space and make recommendations. Antonelli suggested omni-directional SONEX Valueline Panels that have softly sculpted surfaces. These acoustical panels produce subtle, ever-changing shadow and sunlight play effects about the rotunda’s radiating sides under its large, centered skylight. pinta worked quickly with us to provide a custom acoustic product solution. The company sent several taper-sided sample panel sizes to help us determine panel dimensions that would best fit the various irregularly curved steel plates before production.”

Flexible and ideal for GulfQuest’s grand lobby, pinta’s SONEX Valueline Panels have a high sound absorption rating or noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.90. A custom color blue acoustic coating was developed for the panels’ finish that matched a selected color from the batik sail art created by artist Mary Edna Fraser to suspend within the dome. One hundred twenty-eight custom-size, 1½-inch (38 mm)-thick SONEX Valueline Panels with a taper-sided shape and continuous beveled edges were directly applied and adhered to the painted curved steel plates.

“Prior to installing the SONEX Panels there was a great deal of sound reverberation when you clapped your hands,” says Zodrow. “During the grand opening, there were 200 to 250 people in the grand lobby. The sound level with SONEX was comfortable, allowing for conversations without raised voices.”

pinta’s willtec® colortec, smooth-surface, charcoal color finish panels were direct-applied and adhered front to back in single-panel rows between box beams under the concrete ceiling in the Port of Victory Theater. The small 400-square foot (37-square meter) theater shows a WWII film in combination with sound, lighting and fog effects. Sound within the space was attenuated using approximately 270 square feet (25 square meters) of 22- by 48-by 3-inch-thick acoustical panels (559 by 1219 by 76 mm) and pinta’s acouSTIC adhesive.

SONEX Valueline direct-apply, glue-up panels and suspended baffles provide effective acoustical control at an economical price. Made from Class 1 fire-rated willtec foam, lightweight SONEX expanded melamine foam products deliver excellent acoustic control across all sound frequencies with NRCs ranging from 0.75 to 1.05. pinta acoustic’s SONEX products are available in both standard and custom sizes. Offered in natural white, natural grey, standard, custom and other premium acoustic color coatings, SONEX Valueline Panels are easy to install using pinta’s water-based acouSTIC adhesive on most porous substrate surfaces.

Used to fabricate nearly all of pinta acoustic’s product line offering, willtec SONEX is Class 1 fire-rated according to ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke density. The lightweight acoustic material offers exceptional sound control and is customizable to suit virtually any interior application.

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

Located in Mobile, Ala., GulfQuest is a 90,000-square foot (8361-square meter) museum that features interactive exhibits, simulators and theaters, complemented by artifacts and memorabilia. Designed to look like a ship headed into Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the museum is estimated to draw over 300,000 visitors per year. It is a public and private partnership between the City of Mobile and the nonprofit organization overseen by the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico Board of Trustees.

Watermark Design Group, LLC

Watermark Design Group is an architecture and design firm in the port city of Mobile, Ala. The company’s expertise is visible in landmarks across the Gulf Coast, from Mobile’s new GulfQuest waterfront maritime museum to one of the world’s most sophisticated industrial facilities located in northern Mobile County. Watermark Design’s professionals excel in projects of any scope, from master planning for long-range goals, to the preservation of historic structures. The company’s designs are driven by the clients’ needs, imagination and attention to detail.

Ben M. Radcliff Contractor, Inc.

Ben M. Radcliff Contractor is a full-service general contractor based in Mobile, Ala. Founded in 1956, Ben M. Radcliff Contractor provides general construction and design-build services to a multitude of markets, including manufacturing, maritime, health care, institutional, municipal and educational. The company has earned an exceptional reputation for superior quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Ben M. Radcliff Contractor prides itself as a family- and community-oriented company with a continued commitment to improve the economic and social well-being of Mobile and surrounding communities.

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pinta acoustic introduces SONEX® PLANO Absorbers Customizable to add a distinctive flair with high sound absorption


0548_SONEX_PLANO_160pxMINNEAPOLIS — pinta acoustic’s new SONEX® PLANO Absorbers provide exceptional sound absorption with virtually unlimited design shapes and grid work configurations.  Possible baffle shapes include curving convex, concave, stepped, diagonal, wedge and other custom contours. SONEX PLANO Absorbers are easy to suspend using typical 15/16-inch grid systems. Set in countless pattern arrangements at one or various elevations across a ceiling plane, SONEX PLANO provides state-of-the-art design expressions.

SONEX PLANO has a high NRC to reduce echo and sound reverberation in large open areas, such as museums, convention halls, auditoriums, cafeterias, factories, assembly areas and more. Constructed of pinta’s Class 1 fire-rated willtec® foam, these acoustic baffles are offered in natural white or light grey, as well as standard and custom HPC-color coatings.

SONEX PLANO Absorbers are offered as standard sizes, including a 2-inch (51 mm) thickness, 46-inch (1,168 mm) length and depths from 4 to 32 inches (102 to 813 mm). SONEX PLANO Absorbers feature factory-cut, T-slots along the top of baffle lengths. These T-slots allow 4-foot (1.22 m) cross tees to be easily slid through and quickly connected between main runners while constructing a grid suspension system.

“SONEX PLANO is our newest customizable product that reduces reverberation and echo while providing an artistic flair to practically any interior application,” says Joerg Hutmacher, CEO at pinta acoustics. “SONEX PLANO is uniquely designed for easy installation in new and existing spaces using low-cost, standard T-grid systems. The grid-work framing suspension system is one of three suspension options possible with pinta acoustic’s baffles.”

For more information or to find a representative, visit or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1.612.355.4200. To download “The Science of Better Acoustics” white paper, go to

pinta acoustic, inc. manufactures a broad range of attractive direct-apply, glue-up and suspended ceiling and wall panels, clouds, baffles and other acoustical products for commercial and industrial applications. pinta acoustic’s products include WHISPERWAVE™ Clouds and Baffles, CONTOUR® and PHONSTOP™ Ceiling and Wall Panels, HARMONI and WHITELINE® Lay-In Ceiling Panels, SQUARELINE® Expanded Metal Ceiling Panels, BALANCE™ Ceiling Clouds and Wall Panels, FABRITEC Wall Panels, SONEX® Direct-Apply Panels and Suspended Baffles, acouSTIC™ adhesive, SONEX AFS acoustic plaster finishing systems, SONEX Linear Absorbers, SONEX PLANO Absorbers, SONEX Rondo cylindrical baffles, SONEX Clean Baffles and Panels, PROSPEC® Barrier Foam and Composite Materials.

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SONEX Linear Absorbed Sell Sheet

SONEX Linear Sell Sheet

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pinta acoustic introduces SONEX® Linear Absorbers

Streamlined appearance offers excellent sound absorptionSONEX Linear Absorbers, museum application

pinta acoustic announces the introduction of SONEX® Linear Absorbers. These straight-line baffles provide excellent sound control with a modern appearance. Highly customizable product design and shape options offer new optimum form and function possibilities in a variety of interior ceiling applications.

Class 1 fire-rated, SONEX Linear is constructed of pinta’s willtec® foam and is offered in natural white or light grey willtec and HPC color coatings.

SONEX Linear Absorber, Single BaffleSONEX Linear Absorbers standard and custom sizes include lengths up to 96 inches (2438 mm), 6- to 24-inch (152 to 610 mm) depths and a set thickness of 2.03 inches (51.56 mm). These baffles are easily slip-fit into 2-inch-wide (51 mm) channel trim typically fastened in-place to wall or ceiling substrates.

“SONEX Linear Absorbers are ideal for reducing sound reverberation in new and renovated spaces,” says Joerg Hutmacher, CEO at pinta acoustics. “Custom shapes, sizes and color options, as well as virtually unlimited ceiling plan and elevation arrangements can provide a signature look to suit virtually any décor.”

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pinta acoustic’s WHISPERWAVE™ Ceiling Clouds provide functional ceiling art in Stony Brook Medicine satellite office

Stony Brook 160x160WHISPERWAVE™ Ceiling Clouds provide the visual appeal that inspired relocated workers at Stony Brook Medicine on Long Island to embrace new offices in a renovated building a few miles from the main facility. In addition to inviting eye movement and providing style, pinta acoustic’s WHISPERWAVE clouds absorb reflected sound, which establishes a more productive work environment.

One of the primary purposes of the additional 40,000-square foot (12,192- square meter) building was to create an attractive, intelligent work environment to accommodate various administrative departments such as procurement, admittance and accounts payable. Some of these groups function in teams, others operate independently, and some have call-intensive functions.

“A majority of the personnel relocating into this new space have for many years worked at Stony Brook Medicine in windowless areas that are spread around various campus facilities,” states Michael Mannetta, AIA, senior partner/director of design at Spector Group Architects. “While their existing office environments were somewhat dark and uninviting, it was their space, and the idea of change was not one that they would embrace easily.”

Stony Brook Medicine’s new building features an inviting reception area and two open-plan office spaces with low-height partitioned workstations. The office areas have painted gypsum board walls, exposed ductwork and corrugated metal deck ceilings, interior glass and continuous exterior windows with other hard-finish surfaces, which reflect sound. Reflected sound travels freely over cubicle walls and reverberates within the spaces, making it harder for workers to concentrate, focus on telephone conversations and achieve effective team communication.

To create a productive environment, provide innovative style and reduce noise, the architect developed elevation drawings using both concave and convex ceiling clouds in undulating and barrel vault patterns. The design provides ceiling art with an acoustical function for the reception area and two open-plan office spaces.

“When they saw the renderings for the new open-plan office space with a distinctive waveform ceiling design, they were thrilled,” says Mannetta.

Concerned about the cost of the curved clouds originally specified, Stony Brook’s in-house construction group sought alternatives. Customized to a similar size and radius, pinta’s WHISPERWAVE clouds were identified and accepted as an alternative. In addition to being significantly lower in cost than the product originally specified, WHISPERWAVE clouds absorb 50 percent more sound, are thicker, of lighter weight and require basic carpenter skills to install without the use of special suspension kit accessories.

One hundred-eight, HPC-coated, 46- by 72- by 3 inches (1168 by 1829 by 76 mm)-thick concave and convex WHISPERWAVE clouds were installed in three spaces—all with 18-foot ceilings. The majority of the clouds were suspended above both open-plan office areas—the smaller designed to accommodate 50 staff members, the larger 110 employees.

Using corkscrew hangers with quick-setting cables, WHISPERWAVE clouds were suspended and consistently spaced to fit between lighting fixtures and exposed HVAC ductwork. Cloud locations were measured on the floor. Installers used laser light to shoot anchor points where cables were fastened to the corrugated metal deck. Suspended at various elevation heights and positions, curved clouds were accurately cut to fit on-site to suit random sprinkler locations as necessary.

Made from Class 1 fire-rated, lightweight willtec® foam, WHISPERWAVE Ceiling Clouds are offered with standard and custom designs in natural white or light grey. An optional protective coating is available in black, white, light blue, almond, ivory, light and medium grey colors. Cloud sizes may be any dimension up to 48 by 96 inches (1219 by 2438 mm), and the standard thickness is 3 inches
(76 mm).

To download “The Science of Better Acoustics” white paper, go to  To learn more about pinta acoustic and its product line, visit or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1 612.355.4200.

Stony Brook Medicine

Long Island’s premier academic medical center, Stony Brook Medicine represents Stony Brook University’s entire medical enterprise and integrates Stony Brook’s health-related initiatives, including education, research and patient care. It encompasses Stony Brook University Hospital, the five health sciences schools—dental medicine, health technology and management, medicine, nursing and social welfare—as well as the major centers and institutes, programs and more than 50 community-based health care settings throughout Suffolk County.

Spector Group Architects

For over 40 years, Spector Group’s global expertise in architecture, interiors and master planning has influenced the world with sustainable environments that exude energy and a sense of presence. The work is based on contextual sensitivity, and is supported by evocative and economic design solutions. Spector challenges the expected and creates buildings and interiors that please the eye while challenging the mind.

Michael J. Mannetta, RA, senior partner/director of design

With Spector Group since 1980, Mannetta has extensive experience providing unique, award-winning designs—in New York City, Long Island, across the nation and internationally—to corporate, educational, institutional and residential clienteles.

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pinta acoustic’s “SPLASH!” is a Merit Award Winner in the 2014 CODAawards

SPLASH! Merit Award Winner in 2014 CODAawardspinta acoustic’s CODAawards entry, “SPLASH!,” is a Merit Award Winner in the 2nd annual 2014 CODAawards – Public Spaces category. CODAworx produces the CODAawards to celebrate design projects that demonstrate the most successful integration of commissioned art into an interior or architectural space. Awards honor the those whose collective imaginations create inspiring public and private spaces.

The unprecedented SPLASH! sculpture was commissioned as part of the City of Miami Gardens’ Art in Public Places Program—a program that aims to bring art into the community. The art commission challenged artists to develop designs which would add vibrancy and address sound issues within the existing indoor swimming pool at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreation Center.

Splash! features 972 custom colored pinta acoustic SONEX® Rondo Baffles individually suspended at varying heights to simulate a three-dimensional sound wave effect. The results were audibly noticeable.

Jurors were impressed with the explanation of project goals and successful integration of the artwork into the space and the collaboration process between all of the parties involved.

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pinta acoustic recognized with 2013 Construction Excellence Award for custom triangle baffles installed at ESIF

0458_NREL_PR_360x288_2pinta acoustic, inc. has been presented with the bronze 2013 Construction Excellence Award in the acoustical solutions category. The Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) recognized pinta acoustic for the custom willtec® triangle baffles that are installed at the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF). These prestigious awards acknowledge CISCA members who produce the year’s finest examples of interior commercial construction.

When the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colo., designed ESIF, one of its primary goals was to showcase sustainable design and energy efficiency. ESIF’s office wing features open-plan office areas with large windows and a metal ceiling deck, which reflect sound and could make it harder for workers to communicate and concentrate. To extend light reflectancy and reduce noise and echo, the architects selected pinta acoustic’s custom willtec triangle baffles. Without detracting from the décor, these attractive and sound-absorptive triangle baffles make the office areas more productive environments with greater speech intelligibility.

Highlighting all winning projects, CISCA representatives presented the Construction Excellence Awards at a breakfast during the CISCA Convention ceremony in Las Vegas, Nev., on April 2, 2014.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by CISCA for our innovative acoustical design solutions,” says Bob Donohue, sales manager, western region. “This project is a perfect example of a custom solution that was designed to meet specific customer requirements and enhance the décor.”


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